Why FAS Rhodos Air?

FAS Rhodos Air is one of the oldest aviation organizations in Greece. It is fully in line with the requirements of the European community (JAA - EASA). Our approvals and certificates allows us to operate as a air operator and flight training school.Our organization’s general structure gives us the ability to provide consistent and quality aviation services at all levels. We have a permanent, dedicated and experienced staff.

FAS Rhodos Air continually validates and upgrades its services, assets and facilities. Our goal is to continually improve in safety and passenger comfort.

FAS Rhodos Air has the great advantage to be based in Rhodes International Airport and Heraklion International Airport located on the island of Rhodes and Crete in Greece. The weather on the islands is ideal for flying.

In today's difficult economic time one could not take into account the substantial cost of flying. At FAS Rhodos Air we understand this factor and try to find practical solutions to help. We look at each case individually and try to choose the best and fastest way to provide the required service.